The Last Day in Surabaya

I just came to Jakarta, after take a bath I wrote this post. This evening I should go back to Jakarta using flight GA329 at 7.00 pm. When I came to Juanda Airport I read the schedule on the monitor, and guess what…my flight delayed 2 hours. I was came to airport at 6 pm and I entered to the aircraft at 9 pm. Thanks God, I go back to Jakarta with my friend Harry. So I just chat with him in restaurant. The flight landed on 10 pm in Soekarno Hatta Airport. We used taxi, I go back to home and Harry went to Sari Pan Pasific Hotel. He just transit in Jakarta, tommorrow he will go back to Singapore (he works on Fujitsu Asia Pasific).

Ok lets go to my story what I was doing today. This morning I woke up lately. At 8.30 am I take a bath and then packed all my stuffs because this morning I must checked out from hotel. At 9 am, my friend called me and he said we must go to office soon. When he called me, I just finished packing (I’ve not breakfast). After my friend called, I went to restaurant and take breakfast rapidly.

Today is our last day in Surabaya. The schedule for today is give documentation to client and let they run the procedure that mention on the documentation. In the other words, they tried recover database server and applications server (please read my last post to get a clear figure). All the documentation was proven as good as all the demonstation yesterday. We stayed on office until 3 pm. We leaved office, first destination is take Usman (my other friend) to his sister’s home. Second destination is looking for souvenir :)) . Me and Harry bought some souvenir (I mean bought some food to be a souvenir 😀 ). I bought “bandeng asap” (smoked fish).  After bought some souvenir, we went to airport…and get delayed 🙁 .

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