Nikon Coolpix L14

Introducing my new camera…..Nikon Coolpix L14.

coolpix L14

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Last Saturday, finally I bought this camera. Since decide to buy a new digital camera, I got stuck with several choices. There are several Nikon camera that being candidate for me. Nikon Coolpix L14, L15, and P50. So confuse to pick one of those things. Why Nikon be my choise? Because I’ve some experiences with Nikon, and I was satisfied with Nikon’s image quality.

I decided to skip Nikon Coolpix L15 and P50 from the list because some reason. L15 didn’t have good review from many site that I’ve read before. P50 was my target but what a pity, Coolpix P50 didn’t use AA battery. I think AA battery has main advantage…portability. We can buy AA battery in many stores, so we havenot be affraid to lose camera power for example in the middle of journey.

Nikon Coolpix L14 has many good review and it’s cheap enough. I bought this one and I also bought SanDisk Ultra II 1GB storage, 1 AA rechargeable battery (including charger), and 1 Lowerpro bags. It’s about two millions rupiahs I’ve must pay for all those things. Until now I’ve satisfied with L14 photo result. The lack is in the LCD, it’s not clearly enough to display the photo result. But after see the photo in my notebook, it’s produced very sharp images.

Thanks to Budy for help me decide to buy this gadget….

12 thoughts on “Nikon Coolpix L14

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  2. memori 1 GB nggak kurang tu, Pak? tambo ciyek 🙂
    lumayan buat dijadikan bahan pertimbangan. “in the LCD, it’s not clear. But in notebook, it’s very sharp….”

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