Pidgin YM Login Problem Solved

Since last week, I’ve problem with my Pidgin. It couldn’t used for accessing Yahoo Messenger. From the several website, I knew that the problem located on Yahoo Messenger server. Yahoo change the authentication system for Yahoo Mesenger user. Many blogger also have same problem with me. For couple days, I was using Meebo to using Yahoo Messenger. Maybe you already know Meebo is web based IM client that can used for access several IM services (like MSN, YM, AOL, etc).

This evening, I’ve just tried to get rid my Pidgin’s problem. My friend at office give me update that Pidgin developer has release the update for resolve YM login problem. Open the Pidgin official website, I read the annoucement right on their website about YM problem. Pidgin version 2.5.7 has been released to resolve Yahoo Messenger problem…it just like the screenshot I attached on this post. Hmm glad to read that. I followed the instruction and it’s works like a charm. I’m be able to used Pidgin to open Yahoo Messenger again. I don’t know why Yahoo change the authentication method, too many security attack to YM servers? Just a simple guess 😀 But the next question is why web based IM client like Meebo doesn’t get impact like Pidgin got. Meebo has update their system more quick than Pidgin? Again…another fool asumption 😀

Update June 25th, 2009 :
seems that the new version of Pidgin cannot cooperate with pretty look notification system in Ubuntu Jaunty

Command to do that :

# sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 67265eb522bdd6b1c69e66ed7fb8bee0a1f196a8
# sudo -s
# echo "deb jaunty main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update
# apt-get purge pidgin
# apt-get install pidgin

8 thoughts on “Pidgin YM Login Problem Solved

  1. alternatif lain nya bro
    dipager server dirubah ke

    coba deh, it worked at my pidgin without update

  2. @ untung : gua dah coba Bro…yang itu gua coba tapi kumat-kumatan…kadang bisa, kadang gak…:( upgrade aja lah 😀

  3. hoalah…pantesan pidgin gw gak mau konek dr minggu2 lalu 🙁
    jgn2 ini toh penyebabnya…coba cek ke tkp dl deh.

    thx infonya ted

    @ subas : lg liburan summer kayknya 🙂

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