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Sunday morning I went to Kota Tua Jakarta to join photo hunting. Hunting held by Professional Photo studio July 13, 2009. Kota Tua is a famous location in Jakarta for photographic activities. Kota Tua means “old city”, it’s a conservation district in Jakarta that has many colonial building, heritage from Dutch when conquered Indonesia over 350 years. Leave my home at 6 am and arrived there 20 minutes later. In Sunday morning, Kota Tua area was so busy, many people went there to many purpose. Some of them did sport activity (soccer, badminton, cycling, etc), the others just walking around, and some others like me taken photos.

The centre of those activities is Fatahillah Museum’s front yard. Fatahillah Museum was Hunting finished around 9 am since the sun start shined too bright. I only used 50mm lens during photo hunting. Since I only used 50mm lens, I must chose the unique object that fit to the frame 😀 It was my first time going to Kota Tua to take pictures. I’ve heard (and read) about Kota Tua regarding the photographic activities. My friend Fendi also recommend me to go there. Not like him who go hunting regulary, I never go photo hunting at Jakarta. Too lazy to go hunting 🙁 The only photo hunting that I did (before today) was last December at Singapore. It was the first time I used DSLR camera just after bought it at Sim Lim mall Singapore. Here is the result of my hunting :

I’ve upload the rest of the photos at Flickr. Hmm, I don’t know yet how to integrate my album at Flickr with my blog 🙁 I should find it out immediately, because it’s very stupid to upload the photo twice….on at Flickr and also at Picasa as well. Until now I only know how to put the picture in blog from Picasa, but I like Flickr as well. Ah forget one other place : Facebook. I’ve also put some of my photo at Facebook, never change the wall post or wall status but only upload some photo there. Not like many people I know that very addict to change wall post (status) :-p Ups….out of topic, just want to tell you about my photo hunting activity not to share my opinion about Facebook 😀

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