Mini Eiffel

I bought this souvenir near Eiffel tower last year, March 14th 2008. It was 10 euro each, one for me and one other as the gift. This little Eiffel stays on my desk until now.

I don’t have many interesting object to be photographed. Maybe the miniature is the only interesting object in my room. I just bought the other flash unit (maybe I will review it later), so with two flash in my hand I’m trying to be strobist πŸ™‚ Strobist is a terminology used by many photo hobbist that used one or more flash light to take the picture. So the photo above was taken by those new gear. My Canon Speedlite 430EX placed on the light stand, cover by white umbrella. It placed on the left object. Meanwhile, my new Yungnuo flash was placed on the chair in the right. The right flash also covered by orange gel to produce color effect like that. Without the gel, the photo is plain like you can see below :

“it’s just the matter of lighting”…still trying to figure it out.

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